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Did you know that for many seniors, the simple act of walking up and down the steps is a difficult task. That’s right, as we grow older, the staircase in our home becomes more of a problem because we gradually become less mobile. This might be due to old age or a debilitating illness, or even an accident. It’s a reality of life, but it does not have to limit your mobility or make parts of your home virtually inaccessible.

When you begin to lose mobility, the stairs at home suddenly become an enormous obstacle in our everyday life. Having to climb them, especially if your toilet or shower is upstairs, creates such anguish in people’s lives that other problems soon set in. Fortunately, there is a simple device that can remove this dread. If your stairs have become a daily struggle for you or a loved one, read on.

The Solution

It’s called a stairlift, and it can dramatically change the quality of your life, alleviating what can become an everyday nightmare. For smaller steps, a wheelchair ramp may be all that is needed, but larger steps definitely require a more complex system. These lifts are especially an enormous asset for arthritic patients who are in increased danger of falling on, or worse, down, the steps.

Interested in a Free, No Obligation Price Quotation?

Call Now: 855-972-3988

But first, you need to know what features to look for.

The Features

Here are a few points to consider:

  • It has been found that there are increasing problems with chair lift systems for stairs that are ten years, or more, old.
  • Straight systems can be adjusted to a shorter or longer stair by changing the length of the rail.
  • However, curved stairs often need a new system in order to adjust to their unique characteristics.

Remember, when purchasing a brand new device, a whole system for increased mobility can be designed for each individual case, enabling connection of a system for wheelchairs, wheelchair ramps, and stair lifts.

How to Rent

For many people, being able to have a new one installed into their home is simply not possible as they do not have the funds available. Finally, before deciding on buying a second hand lift, renting one or purchasing a brand new one outright, make sure to do your homework.

Some other mobility aids for senior citizens include electric wheelchairs and scooters. These are attractive additions to increasing your personal mobility. Ever see a senior citizen on one of those mobile scooters? They look like their riding on a golf cart to the course, and usually have a big smile on their face.

Another more expensive possibility to maintain your mobility is a pneumatic vacuum elevator. They have both good points and bad. On the plus side of the ledger:

  • They have the added advantage of being cheaper than conventional elevators, and easier to install.
  • These elevators work without any cables or gears.
  • And, apparently, the cylinder for this pneumatic vacuum elevator can fit through the door of the average house,
  • And they can be installed relatively simply.

On the minus side:

  • These systems are considerably more expensive than stair lifts, but worse,
  • They also cannot accommodate a full wheel chair.

Of course if you don’t have a balcony or other such lay-out, you may have to make a hole in the ceiling of the bottom floor as well as the ceiling of the top floor, which can be a somewhat traumatic, expensive, and time-consuming experience.

Nevertheless, they are an option to keep in mind.

Interested in a Free, No Obligation Price Quotation?

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